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Penn (Pete) Mullowney joined AAI Corporation as the Business Development Manager for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in June 1999. He led the Capture Team that won a fierce competition for the U.S. Army’s Tactical UAS System Program in December 1999. In 2002, his role was broadened to pursuing, winning, and executing Advanced UAS Programs and Technology Projects. In early 2006, Mr. Mullowney became Vice President for Strategy and Business Development, the chief strategic, marketing, and business planner for AAI Corporation. Since AAI had no formal Strategic Planning Process at that time, he created and taught a Strategic Planning course, and led AAI in creating its first comprehensive Strategic Plan in 2007. From that time until he retired in 2010, Mr Mullowney led AAI in implementing and in annually reviewing and revising its Strategic Plan

Prior to AAI, Mr. Mullowney had a very successful ten-year career in consulting at The Stratos Group (TSG). He joined TSG as an Associate in 1989 and became its President in June 1996. While at TSG he provided management expertise and engineering support on UAS programs such as the Hunter and Tilt-Rotor UAS

Prior to TSG, Mr. Mullowney had a distinguished 24-year career in the US Navy, first as a combat Naval Aviator, serving two tours in Viet Nam, and then as an Aeronautical Engineering Duty Officer specializing in systems acquisition management. In 1985 Captain Mullowney was selected to create the Navy UAS Program, literally starting with nothing. He commissioned the UAS Program Office (PMA-263), and among other things, procured and fielded the Pioneer UAS used so successfully by the Army, Navy and Marine Corps in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Earlier in his Navy career, he had been instrumental in developing the Navy Tomahawk Cruise Missile (’75-’80) and initially fielding the F/A-18 aircraft (’80-’83). He retired from active duty in 1989 with the rank of Captain

Mr. Mullowney is a recognized expert and leader within the UAS community. He was active on the Board of Trustees for the Association of Unmanned Systems International (AUVSI) for more than a decade, serving as president from 1997 to 1999

In 2011, Mr Mullowney, who is a committed Christian, began traveling to Ukraine to teach Strategic Planning to church leaders throughout the country in support of the Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary (UBTS)

Mr. Mullowney holds MAe (’72) and AeE (’73 Aero Electronics) degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School, and a BMe degree (’65) from Auburn University. He and his wife Sibby reside in South Carolina

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